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The Sorcerer’s Sword – Part 1

The Sorcerer's Sword

The Sorcerer’s Sword – Part 1 is the first part in a fantasy series. It tells the story of two young people whom everything seem to separate. Rahin is a sorceress plagued by disturbing visions of the future. Djeen is an arena fighter hiding a troubled past. He is from a cold land in the north. Her, from a scorching desert land in the south. But their destinies are intertwined and only they can stop a great evil threatening to bring tragedy and death all over the known world.

You can get this ebook for FREE on Smashwords here as well as through Barnes & Nobles here. If you like fantasy, magic and adventure then it might just be your cup of tea.

The Sorcerer’s Sword – Part 2


In the second part of this fantasy adventure, Rahin’s and Djeen’s paths will cross again. The Mighty is preparing his ever-expanding army of the dead for the coming war and only the sorceress and the young warrior can stop him.

Meanwhile, strange things are happening in the Republic’s capital. Senators are being murdered and on their bodies are left something curious: white hibiscus flowers.

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