Fat doesn’t migrate and other things I’ve learned

One of the most common things you hear as a trans guy before going on T is that it will cause fat “redistribution”. That makes it sound like the fat in your body is going to move around and relocate to places where men typically put on weight, like the belly.
In reality there is no fat redistribution. What happens it what when you’ll put on new fat, it will go to different places than when you had an oestrogen dominant body. The fat you’ve already accumulated is going to stay right where it is unless you do what you have to lose it.
I was reminded of this the other day after I booked a vacation to Gran Canaria. This trip will be the first opportunity I’ll have to walk around with my shirt off because my top surgery surgeon told me I should avoid exposing my scars to the sun for at least a year post-op. But as I was looking in the mirror at my shirtless reflection, I realised I just don’t have a masculine upper-body shape. To put it crudely, I look like a hairy girl without tits.
The main problem is my hips. I’m not overweight but kind of on the verge and most of my excess fat is located in my lower body. If I want to develop a more masculine upper body I’ll have to 1. lose fat or 2. build more upper body muscle, but preferably both.
I can do it but I have something that is going to make it a bit harder. As I’ve mentioned in previous post, I’ve struggled with fatigue since my late teens. Well, this year I found out why: I have a condition called Ehler-Danlos syndrome. Mostly it causes me problems with my joints (now I know why they’re always aching) but it comes with a variety of other issues, such as digestive troubles, eye problems and bruising easily.
The fatigue is the symptom that affects me the most. Pain I’m used to. I’ve suffered from joint pain since as far as I can remember so I’ve learned to deal with it. But being tired all the time really makes it hard to live life to the fullest, be productive and reach your goals.
When it comes to my goal of getting the masculine upper-body I want, I’ll have to take this all into account. Having EDS makes it hard to put on muscle and you can’t really put on that much mass in two months anyway (my Gran Canaria vacation will take place in February). Another thing is that weight lifting, or anything that puts significant strain on my muscles and joints, gives me terrible bouts of fatigue. Sometimes for days afterwards.
Cardio, on the other hand, doesn’t tire me nearly as much. Sometimes it even gives me an energy boost.
So I’m going to focus on doing more cardio training, mostly on the crosstrainer at home because it’s the form of excercise that causes me the least joint pain, and to keep counting calories and make sure I don’t get too much of them. I did the later this summer and ended up losing 10 kg without even exercising so I know it works for me.
I started my diet and exercise program on December first and I’ll update in the beginning of next year. If there is other trans men out there who have struggled with getting smaller hips, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to share any advice you might have!


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