Goals for 2017!

I’m someone who believes in having a plan. I believe it makes it easier to reach one’s goals in life and encourages one to muster the self-discipline required to always keep working towards new ones. So before every new year I make a clear, easy-to-check list of things I want to do/achieve in the coming year.

I have now finished my 2017 to-do-list and here it is:


Have top surgery!

After healing from top surgery, get back to the gym and make some GAINS!

Get a haircut at a real barber shop

Go to the beach and swim with my shirt off

Walk in the 2017 Pride parade with my shirt off

Run in the summer rain with my shirt off

Get my own apartment. (Nearly impossible with the current housing shortage but a guy can always hope :/ )

(If I get my own apartment) Adopt an animal from a shelter

Find a boyfriend

Apply to school program to become a web developer and, if I get in, start my education

Learn as much HTML and other programming languages as I can before starting school

Reach 1000 followers on Twitter

If I reach 1000 followers on Twitter, start an author Facebook page

Finish writing part 2 of The Sorcerer’s Sword and publish it

Get a traditional shaving kit that is also vegan (will definitely blog about that!)

Start my secret blogging project πŸ˜‰

Visit the US for the first time

Get my DNA tested for ancestry and genetic information such as predisposition for certain illnesses

Continue to be involved in the resistance movement against the fascist orange Cheeto

See Star Wars episode VIII in December!


I will be blogging about many of the things on this list so stay tuned!



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