Two weeks on T! 

TMI/trigger warning: mention of downstairs stuff 

I have now been two weeks on testosterone and here are some changes I have noticed this week.

Higher libido

Definitely higher libido. To the point where it’s kind of distracting and quite frustrating

Beginning of voice changes?

I have been experiencing this strange feeling in my throat for some days now. It feels itchy and tight but not the same way as when you have a cough or a sore throat. It’s kind of hard to describe and I’ve never felt something like this before. Could this be the start of voice changes? I don’t know but let’s hope so.

Energy levels and workout performance 

My energy levels have steadily gone up since I’ve started T and it’s a welcome change after having struggled with fatigue for the last two months. I’ve even started exercising regularly again. And I’ve noticed sometime interesting: when I have exercised these past two weeks I have been able to push myself further and for longer than before. Workout that would have left me exhausted before are now not even making me tired.

Downstairs growth 

Barely noticeable but it’s there. It seems to have grown more in girth than in length.


Not much else has happened but I’ve learned something in the past week: testosterone gel is pretty inconvenient and I will probably go on injections when I get the chance.

What bothers me is not having to take it everyday. After a couple of days it becomes just another part of your routine, like brushing your teeth. Rather it’s, on one hand, having to constantly worry about contamination. I’ve caught myself doing things while wearing short sleeves like giving someone a hug or carrying my cat on my shoulders only to suddenly remember that I might contaminate them. It really limits how much physical contact you can have with others for a least 6-7 hours after having put on the gel.

The other thing is that it limits what you can do during large parts of the day. As you can’t sweat or get wet for 6-7 hours, you can’t exercise or go swimming for all that time. As I love working out and am looking forward to go to the beach after my top surgery, I’d rather not have that to worry about.


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