One week on T!

Today I have been exactly one week and one day on testosterone. It has been quite an interesting week and here are the changes I’ve noticed so far:


The physical part is where I have noticed the fewest changes so let’s start there. What I’ve noticed is… nothing. 

This week has been very disappointing when it comes to my body dysphoria because literally nothing has changed for me physically. Maybe I’m just being impatient but I had hoped I would have seen at least a little bit of change these first days. Let’s hope the coming week will bring some of that.


Now this is where it gets interesting. While I haven’t noticed any physical changes yet I experienced a distinct emotional change already on the first to second day of being on T.

In all my life I can’t ever remember feeling so calm and collected. My mood usually goes up and down quite a bit and I feel a lot of anxiety and depression. But this week I’ve been feeling great and my mood has been very stable. 

I’ve also noticed I’m far less frustrated and angry. Maybe because I felt so much anxiety but I was always walking around with this feeling like I wanted to punch something. Now I don’t feel angry anymore and on the few occasions this week when I did get mad I calmed down just as quickly. 

This is quite a relief as one of my biggest fears with going on T was that it was going to make me aggresive. It turns out it did the exact opposite for me. Let’s hope it will continue that way. 


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