Transition update: beginning hormonal treatment prior to egg removal 

​Today I will start the hormonal treatment needed before I can have my eggs frozen. I picked up my shots and pills from the pharmacy this afternoon and will explain shortly what I will be taking for the coming week.


Letrozol (sometimes sold under the brand name Femara) is an estrogen blocker. I will take one 2,5 mg pill per day from Tuesday (today) to Sunday. 


This injection I will take every day from Tuesday to Sunday. The dosage will be 150 IE per day. Gonal-f contains follitropin alfa, a hormone which stimulates the follicles where the eggs are contained.


Orgalutran contains an hormone which stimulates ovulation. I will take one injection on Saturday and another on Sunday. 

On Monday I will go to the hospital for an ultrasound to check if the treatment is working. 

I’ll update after my that and maybe before if I noticed any side-effects. In the meanwhile you can visit this website if you want to learn more about this process. 



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