Short transition update: pre-egg freezing treatment is working! 

Today I had an appointment at the fertility clinic to see if the hormonal treatment I’m currently undergoing is working.

The ultrasound showed what looked like black bubbles (but are actually cysts containing the eggs) on my ovaries. This means the treatment is working so I will continue it.

I have now three more days of taking injections. Today and tomorrow I will take one injection of Gonal-f and one injection of Orgalutran per day. On Wednesday I will take one final injection of something called Ovitrelle, to stimulate ovulation, and on Friday I will finally got through the procedure to have the eggs removed and frozen. 

I was also informed today that I will have to continue taking the estrogen blocker pills until my next periods starts.

When it comes to side-effects I haven’t noticed anything except a bit of redness and itchiness after I take the Orgalutran. But it usually goes away within an hour so it isn’t a big inconvenience. 

I will update again Friday evening after having undergone the eggs removing procedure. 

If you want to find out more about things related to fertility important to know as a trans person, check out this site. 


Transition update: beginning hormonal treatment prior to egg removal 

​Today I will start the hormonal treatment needed before I can have my eggs frozen. I picked up my shots and pills from the pharmacy this afternoon and will explain shortly what I will be taking for the coming week.


Letrozol (sometimes sold under the brand name Femara) is an estrogen blocker. I will take one 2,5 mg pill per day from Tuesday (today) to Sunday. 


This injection I will take every day from Tuesday to Sunday. The dosage will be 150 IE per day. Gonal-f contains follitropin alfa, a hormone which stimulates the follicles where the eggs are contained.


Orgalutran contains an hormone which stimulates ovulation. I will take one injection on Saturday and another on Sunday. 

On Monday I will go to the hospital for an ultrasound to check if the treatment is working. 

I’ll update after my that and maybe before if I noticed any side-effects. In the meanwhile you can visit this website if you want to learn more about this process. 


A Poem – My Brother the Cypress

Recently I was on vacation in Majorca and on one particular evening when I was sitting on the balcony of the hotell room, looking at the shore and the sea, words came to me:

Warm Mediterranean night 
Soft Tempo of the waves
A billion stars hiding overhead
I gaze over the shore and see
The majestic cypress tree
He reaches for the heavens always
And like me he is the son of cosmic dust,
An orphan of long-gone nebulas
I see his solitude against the sky
And feel in me a longing
To breathe in the breath of life
To breathe in the passing days fleeing before me
Before I no longer can and fall again to dust
And always to remember with a smile
That the stars died so the trees could live