Book recommendation: Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley 

​After writing my latest book recommendation I started to ponder about what other books I’ve read I could write about. That’s when it hit me that I should write a post about one of the best novels I have ever read: Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley.

First published in 1818, this novel is considered by some experts to be the very first science fiction book in history. It tells the story of a young, ambitious scientist by the name of Victor Frankenstein (hence the title) who creates life through some unorthodox experiment. Frankenstein is initially very optimistic about his research. But when his creation finally comes to life Victor is terrified by its ugliness and runs away. He escapes back to his hometown of Geneva and tries to forget all about what has happened. But the past will inevitably catch up to him and his path will once again cross with that of the being he created. 

What I liked about this book is that it urges the reader to ask themselves some deep questions. Such as: Should humans try to create life or end death? Why do people despise ugliness? When does scientific experimentation go too far? 

I also felt quite fascinated with Shelley’s style of writing. Her emphasis on the emotion and turmoils of the characters is typical for the romantic era and might seem strange if you are used to more modern litterature but it fits quite well with the dramatic nature of the story. It creates a certain ambience which is a big part of the reason why this masterpiece has chilled the blood of readers ever since it first came out until this day. 

If you are interested in this book, then I have good news. As it is in the public domain you can get it completely free. Get it as an ebook here or as an audiobook here.


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