Update: one month on Strattera 

Today I have been one month and one day on the ADHD medication Strattera so I thought I’d do a little update about what has happened since my one week update.

There are three things I have noticed since then. 

The first one is an increased sensitivity to sound. I’ve always been easily disturbed by noise and I need silence when I do anything that demands focus. Even something like the ticking of a clock annoys me to no end. But in the last weeks I’ve been distracted by sounds even more that I used to before. It’s nothing I can’t handle but it’s little bit inconvenient. 

The second thing is weight loss. I usually put on weight very easily. Even with a healthy diet, if I don’t exercise regularly I put on weight in no time. But in the last four weeks, I have been losing about 1-2 kg per week despite not having made any big changes to my diet or not having exercised much more than before. I’m not completely sure the weight loss is caused by the meds but either way I’m glad it happened. I’ve had a really hard time keeping off excess weight since I hit puberty so this is a welcomed change.

The third thing I’ve noticed is forgetfulness caused by being so focused. For example, the other day I walked half the day with my shirt turned inside out without noticing because I was so focused on what I was doing. I’ve also been forgetting my keys and cellphone on several occasions because I was so focused on getting to wherever I was going. I’ve had to put effort into being a little bit mindful lately and actually try to not focus too much. 

When it comes to my ADD-symptoms, Strattera is still helping a lot. My ability to concentrate and my energy levels have never been better. I can barely believe that I managed as well as I did without these meds. 

Overall, I’m happy with my treatment and the outcome of it. 


3 thoughts on “Update: one month on Strattera 

  1. That’s excellent. I’ve tried most non -stim options and I find strattera fantastic. I’m currently trying reboxetine/ Edronax which is also and NRI very chemically similar to atomoxetine/strattera. Reason being, Strattera was costing me $115 per box here in Australia. Whereas reboxetine is only about $30 per box. I’m on day 3 of reboxetine and writing down every symptom every day for the first few weeks here on wordpress. This med is actually believe it or not prescribed as an antidepressant here, but used off label for adhd. So if your effects ever fizzle out on Strattera, depending where you are, you could try this med too. I’m really hoping it works as well for me as strattera did.. So far I’ve just had lots of side effects.

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