Book recommendation: City of Hope and Ruin by Kit Campbell and Siri Paulson

Some weeks ago I was looking through some tags right here on WordPress when I stumbled upon Siri Paulson’s blog. I read about her novel which she had co-written with another author, Kit Campbell, and got curious. So I bought the book from the Kindle store and I have to say: I’m really glad I did! 

City of Hope and Ruin is a story about two women. Theosophy is a warrior, fighting every night against the monsters who hunt the streets after sundown. Meanwhile, Briony is trying to convince her family to leave their home and town. More and more refugees are coming everyday and the Scarred, a mysterious and cruel people who carve their victims up while they are still alive, are approaching. 

The two women live in two different worlds but through a series of events they will make a connection across the dimensions. Together they will discover the secrets of the fractured world and find strength in each other. Perhaps even something more.

I really enjoyed reading this book and seeing the plot develop. So many mysteries in the story awoke my curiosity: Who are the Scarred? Where do the monsters come from? What happened to the City? All these questions kept me scrolling through the pages.  

I can gladly recommend this book. If you wish to purchase it, it is available on Amazon both as paperback and on Kindle. 



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