Mental health update: one week on Strattera

Today I have been exactly one week on Strattera, 40 mg once a day. As Strattera usually takes a couple of weeks to become fully effective, I didn’t expect to see any difference so fast. But I did, perhaps because I’m already on some medication known to increase the effectiveness of Strattera.

One of the first things I noticed was a change in energy levels. It isn’t anything like the big energy boost I experienced on Concerta but there is definitely an improvement. I don’t get tired as easily and haven’t experienced the exhaustion I have been struggling with for years. In other words: I feel like I have finally healthy energy levels.

My quality of sleep seems to have gotten better too. Or rather, my sleep doesn’t really feel different but how I feel when I wake up. After a 7-8 hours night sleep I have no trouble getting out of bed and it actually feels like I’ve slept. The afternoon nap I often take when I come home from work now helps me refill my energy, as before it was more of a necessity to not get depressed from exhaustion and most of the time I did not even feel rested when I woke up.

When it comes to my ADD-symptoms the Strattera does seem to make a different. I can stay on task for longer without getting distracted. It came as kind of a shock one day when I was working on proofreading my book, looked up at the clock and realised that I had been reading for one hour straight without getting distracted by some unimportant thing or drifting into my own thoughts.
I have also an easier time switching from one task to another. Before this would always be a huge stress moment for me but now it isn’t as much.

Emotionally I feel more calm and collected than before. My impulsiveness seems to have decreased too and I’m a bit less afraid thar I willl make rash decisions I haven’t thought through and that end up getting me in trouble. As my impulse control issues is one of the things that have screwed up life for me the most over the years, this is quite a relief. 

When it comes to side effects, I have experienced a bit of mouth dryness, which was expected since it is a common side effect of Strattera and I’ve already been taking meds that cause this problem.
But the biggest side effect is definitely increased sweating. I’ve never been someone who sweats a lot. I haven’t used deodorant in years because I just don’t need it but since taking Strattera I’ve been sweating a lot more and in places I usually don’t, like my face and stomach. It’s kind of inconvenient and I’m going to have to buy some deodorant but considering the positive effect of the medication, I can live with it.

Overall my experience with Strattera has been positive and if it continues working I think it might just be a life-changer for me.


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