Five things I learned writing my latest book

This week I finally finished writing the first part of the fantasy series I’m working on. It actually isn’t the first time I write a book. I have written several manuscripts in the past and even tried to get a few published but failed. Which I’m now grateful for since, in retrospect, I wasn’t that satisfied with them.

But even though I’ve been writing since I was a child I still learn things in the process. Here are five lessons I learned writing my latest book:

It always takes longer than you think.

Those who have been following me for a while might know that I expected to have this book finished literally months ago. But, as I should have learned by now, writing often takes way more time than you’d expect. Work-related stress, bouts of writer’s block and other unexpected obstacles stopped me from being as productive in my writing as I wanted to. But I think I’ve learned my lesson and will probably be not as overly positive as I’ve previously been when it comes to setting up deadlines and release dates.

Doing research for a book can lead to some pretty strange Google-searches.

“Decapitation Wikipedia”, “death due to bloodlose” and “dismemberment how to” are some of the kinda disturbing things I’ve googled while doing research for this book, which you probably can tell will have some violence in it…

Thank goodness for writing apps.

As I can’t carry my laptop with me everywhere, I’ve previously had to write a lot by hand and then rewrite everything again on the computer once I get home. But then I discovered writing apps. Now I can work on my book while I’m on the train, during a coffee break at work or while waiting for the bus without having to rewrite everything again. I can just email myself what I’ve written and copy paste it directly in a Word document when I’m home again. A lot of smartphones also have speech-to-text functions, which save time and can be a great tool for anyone who has difficulty typing for whatever reason. 

Flow is great but routine is better.

On my previous projects I’ve mostly waited for inspiration to hit before I wrote anything. I really enjoying being in that “flow” state when it feels like time stands still and nothing exists but me and my writing.  Not so surprisingly I wasn’t that productive.
But lately I’ve worked on writing every day, whether or not I’m having flow or even feel like writing at all. I’ve gone to writing like you go to work and treated it like a duty more than a fun thing to do. And, not surprisingly, I’ve never been so productive. Best of all: the quality of my writing has not deteriorated in the least (if I may say so myself).

I can wait to write the rest of this series.

Writing a book can be at times incredibly frustrating. Doing my daily writing sometimes felt like a chore more than anything. But I still kept going and I’m glad I did. I was afraid that once I was done I would be sick of the whole thing and not feel like writing the rest of the series. I am glad to report that it is most definitely not the case. I’m still as passionate about writing as ever and can’t wait to write more! I’ve even experienced some “flow” lately and have tones of idea that are just waiting to get put to paper.

If you are wondering when the book will be published: in at least a week and a half as I have some proofreading to do and other stuff to take care of before.

I’m really looking forward to sharing my work with you all!


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