Short mental health update: soon to go on Strattera

I wrote a while back that I was going to ask my doctor to put me back on ADHD medication after four years off because I’ve come to a point where I cannot longer manage my symptoms. My doctor was first reluctant to put me back on meds since I had such a bad reaction to stimulants: insomnia, anxiety, mania, violent outbursts etc. My experience on stimulants was definitely not a good one and putting me back on them would have been a really bad decision.
After discussing it the doc concluded that I should try a medication called Strattera, the only non-stimulant drug approved to treat ADD symptoms. It works by increasing the production of norepinephrine, an “awakedness hormone”, instead of dopamine like a stimulant does. If you want to know more about the difference between Strattera and classic ADHD medication, you can check out this helpful video.
I will start taking Strattera around the 21th or 22th of this month since I’m out of the country right now and my doc wanted me to be nearby when I started the treatment in case something goes wrong.
I’m looking forward to try this new medication as I really can’t handle living with such a short attention span any longer,  especially since it’s so negatively affects my writing.


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