A little gem of a book: Hávamál or The Sayings of the Vikings

I’m planning on starting to do book reviews for this blog and I’m currently reading an amazing fantasy novel that I will review as soon as I’m done reading it.

But first I want to recommend a little treasure of a book that, although it is a part of my cultural heritage, I had no idea existed until I stumbled upon it in the gift shop of a local viking museum.

The Hávamál, meaning “Sayings of the High One”, are a collection of proverbs attributed by the vikings to their supreme God Odin.




Giving advice on everything from hospitality,




and even finances,


the Hávamál is such a treasure chest of wisdom that it is no surprise it is sometimes called “The Tao of the Vikings.”

You don’t have to believe in any Gods to appreciate the beautiful wisdom that is contained in the pages of The Hávamál. Its advice are universal and surprisingly relevant even to this day.

You can find this fascinating book here  if you wish to read for yourself. And remember the wise words of the High One:



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