A little gem of a book: Hávamál or The Sayings of the Vikings

I’m planning on starting to do book reviews for this blog and I’m currently reading an amazing fantasy novel that I will review as soon as I’m done reading it.

But first I want to recommend a little treasure of a book that, although it is a part of my cultural heritage, I had no idea existed until I stumbled upon it in the gift shop of a local viking museum.

The Hávamál, meaning “Sayings of the High One”, are a collection of proverbs attributed by the vikings to their supreme God Odin.




Giving advice on everything from hospitality,




and even finances,


the Hávamál is such a treasure chest of wisdom that it is no surprise it is sometimes called “The Tao of the Vikings.”

You don’t have to believe in any Gods to appreciate the beautiful wisdom that is contained in the pages of The Hávamál. Its advice are universal and surprisingly relevant even to this day.

You can find this fascinating book here  if you wish to read for yourself. And remember the wise words of the High One:



Happy Pride!

I’m spending the week-end in a little town celebrating its very first Pride festival and I’d like to wish you all a happy Pride, whenever or wherever you might celebrate it.

In a world full of LGBTQ-phobia, if you are anything but cis and/or straight, your life can be full of struggles. But our pride is something they can never take away from us.

Happy Pride!


Transition update: second appointment at the fertility clinic

Today I had my second appointment at the fertility clinic to discuss the process of freezing my oocytes (human eggs). The doctor explained the process, which you can read more about here.
I was explained the hormonal treatment I will have to undergo before the eggs can be collected. If I understood correctly I will have to take injections for about three weeks. The first five days I will be taking injections (one every day) to stimulate ovulation. Then I will continue taking them for two more weeks along with another injection (also one every day) to suppress my own hormone production.
When the hormonal treatment is done,  the eggs will be taken out through transvaginal oocyte retrieval.
The injections will be done in the stomach, under the navel. A nurse showed me how to do it so that I will be able to do them myself. I got to give myself an injection with saline solution to practice and found to my surprise that it didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. It did feel a bit unpleasant, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.
I will start the treatment probably in mid-August as I will be out of the country for several weeks this summer. The start of the treatment also has to be carefully synced with the right period of the menstrual cycle as the first shot is given on the second or third day of the menses.
I will update again once I start the hormonal treatment.
To learn some fertility facts important to know as a trans person, you can check out this helpful link.

Tiny victory!

This weekend I finished chapter 9 of my book. I’m still way behind my writing schedule but I still thought I would celebrate having only one chapter left to write with a nice piece of cake.


Those who write know that writing is a struggle. So don’t forget to celebrate the small victories!

Good news for reproductive rights in Sweden!

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about how the Swedish state had decided to not legalize surrogacy, thereby restricting individual rights by dictating what we Swedish citizens can and cannot do with our own bodies and reproductive cells.

As a strong believer in self-ownership, I most definitely do not support this decision. I have already been looking into ways to bypass the law in case I ever want to use the eggs I’m currently in the process of getting frozen to have children in the future.

Luckily, such a way presented itself recently when a surrogacy agency opened its first office in Sweden. Surrogacy still cannot happen legally in Sweden but the agency will help clients find willing surrogates in the US and (unfortunately only for heterosexual couples) in Ukraine.

The surrogacy agency’s website: http://www.tammuz.com/

Their new Scandinavian website: http://se.tammuz.com/