Transition update: First appointment with the plastic surgeon

This morning I had my first appointment with the plastic surgeon who will perform my top surgery. It went pretty well. When I arrived at the plastic surgery ward I immediately noticed a little rainbow flag on a sign that said that the medical personnel here is specially trained to take care of the needs of LGBTQ-people. It’s always nice to deal with people who know what they’re talking about so that felt great. The nurse and doctor used the right pronouns the entire time I was here so that was pretty cool too.

The surgeon took first a look at my chest to determine what type of top surgery I will need and concluded that it should be a double incision top surgery, which is typically used for guys with moderately large to larger chests. He explained the potential risks associated with the surgery. They are bleeding, infection, opening of the wounds and loss of sensation in the nipples.

I was informed that I will most likely get my surgery in December 2016 or January 2017. So basically even further in the future than I had previously been told. Although I can’t say I’m surprised considering how incredibly slow the Swedish trans healthcare is.

After that I had some pictures of my chest taken for my medical records and we were done for the day.

So now I’m just going to have to wait for that call when they will inform me the exact date of my surgery, which will be performed by a surgeon by the name of Gennaro Selvaggi. I hear he has a pretty good reputation so I’m hopeful that I will get good results.

I will continue to update on my transition as it progresses.

On an unrelated note: I’m starting to get more productive with my writing again. I have been kind of mad at myself that I didn’t make the deadline I had set up but I’m focusing now on getting back into the game. Hopefully it will also get better when I get back on my ADD-medication. I’m still waiting to get my prescription refilled so we’ll see how it goes.




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