Transition update: good news and bad news

Today I received very good news: I got my official diagnosis of transsexualism. This means I am now approved for starting the medical part of my transition.

Which brings me to some bad news I got last week: I might have to wait up to eight months before I get to start T and have top surgery.

I have previously been told that I would get to start T in late spring or early summer. But as the Swedish trans healthcare is grossly understaffed and underfunded, the waiting lists just keep getting longer and longer. Right now there is for example only one endocrinologist who works only once a week and who has over 1000 trans patients, not to mention all of her non-trans patients.

This is incredibly frustrating but I’m not going to despair. Instead I want to focus on positive things, such as my writing, while I wait to finally start my physical transition. I also have other things to look forward to this summer like the annual Pride festival and a possible road trip I might go on with some good friends.

As some of you might know I am also in the process of freezing my eggs and I’m hopeful I will get it done before I start taking testosterone.

So yeah, I’m really really bummed out right now but I’m feel pretty okay.


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