The rewarding struggle of staying aware

Earlier this week I started an experiment: trying as much as I could to stay mentally awake and undistracted by the constant flow of useless information surrounding us in this day and age.

The purpose of this was to try being more mindful and present and thereby living life more fully. Now, I have only done this for a couple of days but here is what I found: it was both more difficult and much less stressful than I expected.

I know that sounds like it doesn’t make any sense. How can something be both more difficult AND less stressful? Well, let me explain:

Staying aware requires the practice of frequently bringing back ones awareness to the present when it becomes distracted by unimportant things. This takes an effort but I have found that it is an effort that is much less stressful than being constantly unaware, missing important moments of living and then realizing that you did so.

In other words: the minor struggle of staying mindful and aware is nothing compared to the rewards it gives.

How could living life to the fullest possibly be a bigger sacrifice than missing it as it goes by?


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