A simple dream – Dropping out of the rat race

Once more I find myself in the position of having to choose between two equally unappealing options: wearing out my body in an exhausting boring job or quitting it and becoming flat ass broke. Like many people if feel trapped in what seems like a never ending, pointless, soul sucking rat race that nobody really likes but most participate in anyway.

But maybe there is a way out. After all it has been done before. Some people have managed to find a way to work less and live more. Maybe I can do the same.

So, I have given myself two goals to achieve before I’m thirty, about four and a half years from now:

  1. Simplify my life so that I am dependent of as little material things as possible.
  2. Becoming self-sufficient, preferably by making a living as an author.

I’m not expecting this to be easy. But why not try? Why not at least try to make the very best of the only life I’ve got?

This is on large part what this blog is going to be about. But it will also be about my writing and philosophical ponderings.

I will try to post twice a week on various topics but for now it will mostly be about literature and my pursuit of a minimalist lifestyle.

Feel free to subscribe to my blog and follow with me on this new adventure!



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